This is a white story. Wherever in the world you find white pay attention to it. Try to answer some simple questions: 1) Is it normal? That means is the white colour the proper color for this animal, plant or thing or is it an exception? 2) Is it better? That means: if the white colour is rare or an exception is it a minus or a plus for that animal, plant or thing? 3) Why? What is the reason or the circumstance the make some life form to be white instead of any other colour?

If you are asking about the meaning of this article, think simple! It is a simple test to understand why some normal features on linkedin seems to not work fine. It is useful for me, for example, to discover that the typing correction insist to correct color and do not accept colour that, instead, is the correct form.

I hope it will be helpful for you to think a different, casual (lateral thinking of course, if you like it), way to stop just a while to observe little details that make our life so wondering an surprising, like white. White tiger smiles in the snow: what about you?